ITP 2.0 Screenshots

(New!) The new Control Centre interface provides quick access to the most commonly used settings in a centralized location.

(New!) ITP 2.0 Professional's live image review system provides a number of analysis modes to assist in quickly identifying potential exposure problems. Above is an example of the false colour mode offered by this system.

(New!) ITP 2.0 can manage many of the critical settings on your network adapter to simplify the setup process. After selecting the adapter ITP will dial in a number of settings to save you the work of doing it manually.

(New!) ITP's new support request system sends a copy of your settings to our support personnel along with your message in order to make it easier for us to diagnose and solve any problems that you run into.

(New!) ITP 2.0 provides an assisted configurator to simplify the process of setting up your wireless transmitter. Once the wireless settings have been entered into the system, ITP can generate all of the remaining settings and package them in a configuration file.

ITP will run an audit of your camera configuration files and if any common issues are found provide a meaningful error message along with possible solutions! This can significantly reduce the time required to debug one's setup as well as assist support personnel in finding your problem.

All of ITP's powerful features can be accessed by right clicking on the tray icon. To access the control centre, simply double click on the icon or select it from the above menu.

Using simple combinations of variables, you can produce directory and file structures as pictured here dynamically as files are uploaded to the server. When configured, this allows the photographer to have a well organized archive of his/her files without lifting a finger!

For a more detailed list of features, feel free to check out our feature list, download our comprehensive manual or download ITP and try it out for yourself. ITP 2.0 is a powerful package with a wealth of workflow-oriented features to help photographers to work more efficiently.

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System Requirements:
-.NET Framework 1.1
-Windows 98 or later
-6.3MB of HDD space
-15MB of free RAM