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Nikon WT-1 Assistance
While the Nikon WT-1 is not our product, the design of our software means that it is closely tied to the use of our offerings. Over the last several months we have helped to address many different problems people were having with their WT-1 transmitters. As such, we are relatively well equipped to help people who are having problems with this device regardless of what FTP Server or platform you are using. If you are having any problems, feel free to give us a shout and we will try to help you in any way that we can.

To assist users of all platforms using the WT-1, we have developed the following resources to make it as easy as possible. Please feel free to check out these links regardless of whether you are an ITP user or not:

Online Configurator
Camera Setup Guides
Debugging the WT-1

If you are using the Windows platform and haven't done so yet, it is advised that you download ITP 2.0 to make use of it's assisted configuration utility. This component will help you to generate .wt1 files that can be uploaded to the camera and will even fill in many of the settings on its own. This vastly simplifies the process of configuring the transmitter and can help support personnel to diagnose any problems with your configuration.

Since we will be working on a Macintosh version of our software in the near future, we are also happy to render assistance to those using that platform. Helping people with issues in configuring this device provides us with a good feel of issues that we will have to address in that software. We have helped several dozen people with this platform already and as such have no problems in helping people using Apple computers.

Please note that this is a voluntary offering and that support for our own products will always have the priority. We will do everything possible to help, however we can only do so when time permits so we cannot make any promises.


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If you are having any problems or have any suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact us for assistance!

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