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Workflow-Oriented FTP Server

ITP is a powerful FTP server that was specifically designed to work with photographic workflows. On top of the features commonly found in conventional servers, ITP offers a wide range of additional features such as batch renaming, automatic directory generation and overwrite protection that allow photographers to quickly an easily organize their files immediately on receipt. When used with automated upload devices such as the Nikon WT-1 or Idruna's Pocket Phojo, this power is even more evident as images can be organized mere moments after being shot.

In addition to these features, ITP 1.1 also helps to simplify the configuration of the Nikon WT-1 device from within the server. When the WT-1 configuration system is run, it will fill in many of the networking details for the user, saving the user from worrying about many of the intricate details. Additionally, ITP will check the settings prior to saving the profile and provide warnings and suggestions if it finds any potential snags. This system helps to catch many of the common mistakes that people have had in configuring this device, allowing people to spend less time fiddling with settings and more time taking pictures. Finally, ITP will store and manage multiple profiles and handle loading the configuration files onto CF cards so that users can quickly and easily move between different networks.

All of this functionality is bundled into a simple to use product that can be installed and administered without worrying about the nitty gritty details. ITP offers simple to use dialogs that are easily accessed from the system tray and allow the user to control every facet of the server. In addition, many of the default settings will work out of the box, so the only thing the user typically has to do is add a user profile. To simplify things even further, ITP offers a wizard-based setup program that walks the user through setup and administrative tasks. This is all backed up by a comprehensive 40+ page manual that provides a thorough explanation of all of ITP's functionality.

Furthermore, ITP has been written from the ground up to be lightweight and efficient. The code has been heavily multithreaded in order to ensure the maximum utilization of all system resources. The core server component is also compact enough that it runs unchanged in both ITP and PocketITP - as such, ITP will happily run on your most modest hardware. As such, ITP is fully capable of scaling from a simple single-user setup to a departmental server without missing a beat.

Best of all, ITP 1.1 is being offered as freeware and as such can be downloaded at no cost from this site. In addition, ITP has been built from the ground up to be as non-invasive as possible - it does not make use of the Registry and, unless instructed otherwise, will keep all of it's files within the specified install directory. As such, installation will not clutter your system and if for some reason you choose to remove ITP you can be assured that it will be done completely and not leave any residue.

If ITP helps you do your work more efficiently, you are kindly asked to consider a contribution to help with development costs of future versions. A commercial version of ITP is currently underway and will help to cover the costs of more advanced versions, however for the time being voluntary contributions are our only method of generating revenue. To all of those who have already contributed, thanks again!


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ITP 1.1 is offered as freeware and can be freely downloaded. Please see the licence agreement for more details.

-New Install ZIP EXE
-Upgrade ZIP EXE
-Manual PDF

System Requirements:
-.NET Framework 1.1
-Windows 98 or later
-1.5MB of HDD space
-12MB of free RAM