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Digital imaging has revolutionized many aspects of the photographic industry and has opened up possibilities that never existed before. Among other things, it provides us with the potential to receive media mere seconds after its capture. Unfortunately many existing workflows are unable to take full advantage of this capability because of long standing bottlenecks in their photographic workflows. Many tools were not designed for this industry, and while they may work okay, they do not allow organizations to take full advantage of their existing resources.

Pixagent Workflow Systems
Pixagent is committed to providing end-to-end solutions to help organizations of many different sizes optimize their workflow. Unlike many other organizations, our staff has real world experience working inside of news organizations and the problems that often come up. This, in addition to our extensive technical expertise puts us in a unique position to create solutions to the problems that are encountered every day. Over the next few months we will be releasing many powerful products that will help anyone that has to deal with photographic workflow do so much more efficiently!

In addition, our products are designed from the ground up to ensure that anyone can setup and manage them. We realize that not every organization has the resources for a dedicated IT staff, and even in those that do it is beneficial for the front line staff to be able to handle day to day administration. Additionally, we do not intend to sacrifice configurability in order to achieve that ease of use, so advanced users will not be crippled in their options. These design goals ensures that users from all spectra of technical experience will feel right at home with our products.

Over the next few months, Pixagent will offer a variety of new products that will bring even more powerful tools to your arsenal. The ITP engine was designed with modularity in mind, and it has been designed to offer a wide range of automation capabilities that will allow future products to go well beyond our current offerings. These products will offer features such as automatic routing, programable actions on receipt and more!

Pixagent History
Pixagent was founded in October of 2003 by Thomas Sapiano with our ITP product in response to the Nikon WT-1 wireless transmitter. This was followed shortly with a version for PocketPC-based PDAs called PocketITP. These products have been upgraded a number of times to evolve with the wireless transmitters they are designed to support. Recently, Pixagent released ITP 2.0 Professional which brings a number of revolutionary new features to the table including powerful workflow automation, card synchronization and image review systems. These products provide a unique photography-oriented FTP server that provides a powerful and modular engine that will become the foundation of our end-to-end workflow solutions.

Contact Information
Please feel free to give us a shout if you have any questions or comments about our products or company, as we are always looking for feedback. The more we hear back from our customers the better we are able to improve our future products!

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