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ITP 1.1 Overview

ITP 1.1 Now Offers Assisted WT-1 Configuration!

Toronto, ON - March 16th, 2004 - We are happy to announce that version 1.1 of ITP is now available for download by the public. ITP is a FTP server that is specifically designed to optimize photographic workflow, with features such as batch renaming, automatic directory generation and more. This package is especially targeted at users of Nikon's WT-1 wireless transmission device, allowing images to be organized the moment they are received by the computer.

In addition to the features of it's predecessors, version 1.1 now adds an assisted WT-1 configuration utility to simplify setup of the device. Since ITP can extract many of the network configuration details directly from the host computer, it is able to fill out most of the settings on its own - vastly simplifying the configuration process. This helps users who may not be familiar with the intricate details of TCP/IP networking to configure their transmitter quickly and easilly. ITP will also perform a quick audit of network settings prior to being saved in order to warn users of common mistakes. This allows users to identify mistakes early, and save countless trial and error debugging steps later on.

Furthering this support, ITP will also help manage multiple .wt1 configuration files on the host system and upload them to cards automatically. This allows users of all levels to more efficiently manage their WT-1 and avoids the need to manually shuffle files back and forth from their CF cards. Users can also import .wt1 files that they have previously created into the library where they can be managed and tracked by the server.

ITP 1.1 Feature Summary:

Pricing and Availability:
As before, ITP 1.1 is being offered as freeware to the public. Commercial versions with additional automation features will follow shortly, however all current versions of ITP and PocketITP are free for anyone who is interested. For more information and to download ITP 1.1 please visit the following website:


ITP is currently only available for Windows (98, ME, NT, 2000, XP and 2003) and PocketPC* (PocketPC 2002, WM2003) platforms. A Mac version is planned, however it will be produced after the commercial version is released in order to make enough money to purchase an Apple machine to do the development on.

*PocketITP is currently still at version 1.0, a version 1.1 upgrade for it will follow the desktop version shortly.

Background Information:
ITP 1.0 was released on October 4th, 2003 in order to provide an easy to use FTP server for users of devices like the Nikon WT-1. It was tested specifically with preproduction WT-1 devices by Nikon staff in order to be certain things would function optimally when the transmitter became available to the public. In addition to a basic FTP server, ITP offered many features that were specifically tailored to the photographic workflow allowing users to instantly organize their images right out of the camera.

This release was followed shortly by PocketITP 1.0 (October 22nd, 2003) that offered the exact same features as ITP 1.0 but on the PocketPC platform. PocketITP uses the same engine as it's bigger brother, and as such the only change is a user interface necessitated by the smaller format. This release allows Photographers to work with packages like Idruna's Pocket Phojo to wirelessly edit their take in the field without the need for a bulky laptop. In addition, it allows users in hostile situations to easily keep a second version of all of their images stored in a safe place in case something happens to the original (water, impact, overzealous security, etc...).

Over the last few months, we have assisted many people in setting up their WT-1s and as such have seen many issues that people have had problems with. ITP 1.1 is, in part, an effort to help remove many of the stumbling blocks that caused people problems - making their experience with setting up the WT-1 much easier. We aim to make the setup of this device as simple and intuitive to setup and use as people are used to with traditional photographic equipment.

Contact Information:
Thomas Sapiano
E-Mail: tsapiano@pixagent.com
Website: http://www.pixagent.com/itp11/


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