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Pixagent provides innovative workflow solutions for photographers around the globe. Software such as our ITP and PocketITP products are specially designed to help with automated upload devices such as the Nikon WT-1, WT-2, Canon WFT-E1 or WiPics. Going beyond traditional FTP servers, ITP offers many features like batch renaming, automatic folder generation and overwrite protection to maximize the speed at which images can be processed and archived.

Any photographer working in a time sensitive environment can benefit from a more optimized workflow - the less time that you have to spend post-processing images the more time you can spend taking images. Photojournalists can benefit by having their images available to editors mere seconds after being taken. Event and Wedding shooters can increase their revenues by having images immediately available for customers to buy or preview on site. Commercial photographers can benefit by having art directors and customers view their images as they are being shot without the bother of being attached by wires.

In addition to information about our products, this website also contains resources to assist users of the various wireless image transmitters on the market. The support section of the site provides access to an online WT-1/WT-2 configurator as well as a number of PDF Guides to walk users through the process of setting up both their computer and camera. These tools will work on any device that can access the internet, so regardless of your platform they will be able to help you!

ITP 2.0 Now Available

Make the Most of your Wireless Workflow

- Automatic processing of incoming images.
- Live image review and slideshow functions.
- Memory card synchronization system.

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ITP Features

- Assisted Camera Configuration
- Memory Card Synchronization
- Automated Processing Features
- Live Image Review & Analysis
- Live Slideshow System
- Centralized Control Interface
- Adapter Management System
- Batch Renaming and more...

More Information

PocketITP 1.2

- Assisted Camera Configuration
- Battery and Card Space Readouts
- Instant Preview of Images
- Simple, One-Handed Opperation
- Full Administration from PDA
- Automatic Memory Card Failover
- Power Saving Features
- Compact Footprint

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ITP 1.1
ITP 1.1 Features
ITP 1.1 Screenshots
ITP 1.1 Manual
Download ITP 1.1
ITP 1.2 Beta Information
PocketITP 1.1 Information