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Make the Most of your Wireless Workflow!

Wireless image transmitters have the potential to greatly improve the workflow efficiency of photographers in many disciplines. Pixagent ITP 2.0 provides you with the tools you need to unlock that potential and take full advantage of your investment. In addition to the powerful tools provided by its predecessors, version 2.0 provides a host of new capabilities to further enhance your workflow and make it even easier than before. When equipped with our software and any of the available image transmitters, you can get more work done in less time and deliver unique new features to your clients that were difficult or impossible before.

To help get you get your wireless system up and running as quickly as possible, ITP offers a number of features to assist you in the process. Like previous versions, 2.0 provides you with an assisted configuration system to get your settings loaded into the camera. Taking it a step further, however, the new version provides a powerful suite of features to simplify the setup of your computer - including virtual IP addresses, a built-in DHCP server and a wizard-based setup procedure initiated when you first install the program. As a whole, these systems allow you to automate many of the complex tasks that would otherwise have to be performed manually!

Once the system is set up, you can easily manage the server via our powerful Control Centre interface. This new system provides you with a simplified interface to all of the core features used by the server and is presented in a visual manner. This makes administration of the server easy for anyone to perform, and allows you to get an idea of the overall setup in one place. If you need more flexibility, the individual dialogs are still there and advanced users can feel free to adjust the server in whatever way they would like.

The all new Professional version of ITP 2.0 provides even more powerful workflow-centric features that can dramatically improve the way that you work. From our automatic batch processing system to our memory card synchronization system ITP 2.0 allows you to take full advantage of all of the potential power a wireless workflow can bring. Add in powerful new features such as live full-screen image review and live slideshows and photographers in any discipline can work in ways that were previously impossible. Please look over our features page for a detailed explanation of all of the powerful new capabilities built into ITP 2.0 Professional.

In addition to all of these powerful features, ITP was designed from the ground up to be as lightweight and efficient as possible. The code has been heavily multithreaded to ensure that ITP uses your system's resources as efficiently as possible and can effectively scale to fit any possible scenario. ITP's core server component is so compact that it can run without modification on both the Windows and PocketPC platforms. As such, it can happily run on even the most modest hardware. All of this means that ITP is a flexible package that can suit a wide range of needs - from a single freelancer to a large news organization, ITP will handle whatever you throw at it!

To serve the varying needs of our customers, ITP 2.0 is being offered in two basic flavours. ITP 2.0 Professional is a commercial package that offers the full suite of features discussed above. It provides you with all the tools that you need to unlock the full potential of your transmitter as well as priority technical support to help you get up and running with your transmitter. For those with more modest needs, ITP 2.0 Standard can be downloaded for no charge but provides a more limited feature set - providing you with the basics to help get the job done. You may naturally upgrade from the standard version to the professional version at any time by simply purchasing and activating a licence on your current installation!

To make it easier for you to evaluate our products ITP 2.0 provides a free one month demo period so that you can try out the full professional feature set in your own workflow. This trial period allows you to test out the powerful new features in the real world and see how much more effective you can be with our powerful new tools. When the demo period runs out, you will be able to either purchase a licence from our website or revert your copy to ITP 2.0 Standard. To try out ITP 2.0, please proceed to our download page and follow the instructions provided there:


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ITP 2.0 is offered in two different versions. Please see the licence agreement for more details.

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System Requirements:
-.NET Framework 1.1
-Windows 98 or later
-6.3MB of HDD space
-15MB of free RAM