ITP 2.0 Version Comparison

Pixagent ITP 2.0 is offered in three different editions to suit the different needs of different customers. The following table describes the differences between the two versions so that you can select the one that best suits your requirements.

Control CentreYYY
Automatic ProcessingYYN
Live Image ReviewYYN
Analysis ModesYYN
Live SlideshowYYN
Priority SupportYNN
Unique IP AddressYNN
Multi-Adapter ManagementYYN
Single Adapter ManagementYYY
Automated SupportYYY
Assisted ConfiguratorYYY
Intelligent Overwrite ProtectionYYY
Batch RenamingYYY

The above is a brief overview of the different features available in the three different versions of ITP 2.0 that are currently available. Please read our comprehensive manual for a detailed discussion of the advanced features only available to users of ITP 2.0 Professional.


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ITP 2.0 is offered in two different versions. Please see the licence agreement for more details.

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System Requirements:
-.NET Framework 1.1
-Windows 98 or later
-6.3MB of HDD space
-15MB of free RAM