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Debugging the Nikon WT-1
Often configuring the WT-1 transmitter can be a trying exercise even when you know what you are doing. If any of the settings are even slightly incorrect then the connection will fail without providing any further detail. The most descriptive source of feedback is what happens with the LEDs when the transceiver is first activated. The following is a brief description of the various LED conditions to help users to figure out what is likely causing their problems.

Transmitting Images Transmitting Images
When everything goes right, this is what you want to see on the WT-1s three rear LEDs. This combination of indicators signals that the WT-1 has successfully connected to the FTP server and is currently transmitting images. When all the images in the queue are transmitted, the busy LED will stop blinking and you will see the next combination...

Connected Connected to Server
If there are no more images in the queue to be transmitted, this is the LED combination that will be displayed. This signifies that the WT-1 has successfully connected to the FTP server and is waiting for images to transmit. When the camera's meter goes to sleep the WT-1 will disconnect and go into a sleep mode so you won't see it stay in this mode for too long.

FTP Error Trying to Connect
You will see this group of LEDs after the WT-1 has successfully connected to the network but is still attempting to connect to the FTP server. This will typically not last long as it will either succeed or fail within a second or so, so you will have to watch for it as soon as the transceiver is switched on. If you see this prior to a connection failure, it means that there is something wrong with the FTP or TCP/IP settings (ie the settings in the red or green sections of our form). Double check those settings and make sure that there are no typos. Note that the username and password fields are case sensitive.

Click here for our FTP troubleshooter

Startup Associating
This is the condition that the LEDs will always begin with when the transceiver is first powered on. When the LEDs are showing this pattern the WT-1 is attempting to associate with the wireless network. If the WT-1 goes directly from this condition to a Connection failure, it tells you that the transmitter was unable to successfully connect to the wireless network. Double check your Wireless settings (the blue section of our form) to make sure that they are correct.

Click here for our Wireless troubleshooter

Network Error Connection Failure
This will always be the eventual result of an unsuccessful connection. The above patterns will occur at first, however when the above actions ultimately fail the camera will always revert to this condition. To figure out what went wrong, it is important to watch the indicators carefully as soon as the transceiver is switched on and use the above conditions to help you to isolate the source of the problem.

As mentioned above, the debugging process can be a frustrating exercise, however being familiar with these LED sequences help you to isolate what type of problem is occurring. It is important to note that the WT-1 can switch between these conditions very quickly, so you may have to stay in the menu and toggle the transceiver on and off a few times before you can identify exactly what is happening. However, with a little patience and a keen eye, using these indicators can shave a lot of time out of debugging your network and configuration details. If you are not already using it, the configurator in ITP 2.0 can make this easier since it extracts details directly from the network.


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